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Feature request - please see the list

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1) It should be able to use "Preheat" feature with khantal. Preheat can be controlled by the preheat period, like Sigelei 213.

2) Screen on power mode and TC mode should be different. For example, in TC mode, I set temp as main data, and select resistance, wattage, and voltage as small data. When I switch to power mode, the wattage becomes a main data while temp become a small one that shows like this: "---C". In power mode, I don't want temp, but I cannot set the different screen between power mode and TC mode.

3) It's good that the main data is large in full size of the screen because it is easy to see (e.g. wattage in power mode and temp in TC mode). But it may be smaller and I can select one or two more data to show on screen. For example, in power mode, I show wattage as main data, and I may need to show 1) profile name, 2) resistance, 3) voltage, and 4) amp as a small data. In TC mode, I show temp as main data, and I may need to show 1) profile name, 2) resistance, 3) wattage or voltage, and 4) amp. So the screen should have one main data and four small sets of data. It should better if software provides many options of screen layout. Someone may need less data, some may need lot data.


If i have some misunderstanding, please let me know.

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