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Aria solara dna 200 settings for battery etc...


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Hey guys. Measured my mod resistance with the copper calibration pen and he came to 0.011 horror it was 0.0011one which would obviously be better honestly I don't remember I have to check later I'm pretty sure that it was 0.011 but I mean it is a pretty heavy metal mod. Really nice size. now has anyone else measure the mod resistance and also does anyone have any other describe settings for the battery or know if they said anything at all whatsoever in escribe? I know these are hobby devices but I wish that at least the mod settings came loaded. But is there anything I can't figure out on my own. I know I can run the battery analyzer, how does that work does it need an RDA with a coil on top and does it just drain from 100 to 0% and also I know I can run the case analyzer and it does something similar. Also I knew this going in I just didn't expect it to be as deep as it really is but the 510 is pretty deep on this thing my avocado just made contact I'd say I hit the positive in about 1 millimeter possibly one and a half millimeters before it starts compressing but the owner still read correctly.

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