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Vtc4 a good choice?

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Swainesmatee said:

I figure the vtc4 might be a good choice because it has such a high amperage rating it won't heat up much and I just got the vt75 Nano. What would you guys recommend? Right now I have a .21 Kanthal coil I'm running around 45 - 50 Watts. IMR batteries has these authentic.

the vtc4 is a fine choice for the 75. i picked out a similar battery to the vtc4 but with a tiny bit of an improvement over the sony - i got 4 LG HD2C batts from IMR. they perform slightly better than the sony vtc4. battery mooch says it's a slightly better battery compared to the vtc4. they're also cheaper than vtc's. i run my 75 close to the 75w limit. so that's why i picked these batts. you could actually use the samsung 30q or lg hg2 batts with your build and wattage settings without stressing either two of those batts.
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