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Does a professional from Evolvapor have an answer for me?

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I use the last production model batch of the Hcigar VT200 and mostly use VW mode now that it can more easily adjust. TFV4 TF-T8 .16 coils at 168W, and Cleito 120 .16ohm coils reaching 125W is 26 amp territory if I had that ability to set the voltage to 4.3v safely in escribe, which would match my IPV5x voltage with 2 charged Sony VTC5As. I know. DNA chips don't need anymore of a push voltage wise but the thought has me confused. Lavabox makes a new 1300mAH edition with a preinstalled upgraded LIPO. Im grabbing this for $200 because I hear it's a great mod that has more available amperage if needed which the spec sheet says for the chip. 50amp i think max. Anyway, if you could clear up the confusion regarding amperage limits per DNA200 Mod brand, that'd be great. Also, more LIPO only models are what I hope makers sell, because it's 30% of DNA mod appeal...for in the future DNA250s. Thanks

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I actually see that DNA200 mods need 25amps and DNA250 mods require 30amps. This is satisfying. Protovapor is selling orders for XPV DNA200D 11.1wh 900mAH 3-s LIPO mod with faster charging. Rep told me it's shipping most likely by mid-December when I ordered it in my own two tone Aluminum Alloy custom. I don't mind owning a 900mAH mod if it's a LIPO DNA250 and very soon.

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