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DNA 200 tuglyfe help


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im having trouble and was looking to see if i could get some help i have a DNA 200 tuglyfe and its working fine exept for the screen not wanting to turn on i have checked to see if it was in stealth mode and its not. i was wondering is there something else i can do to check it or what can i do to help me get it fixed?

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hi Myrddraal1. if you go into escribe and click "help" at the top left of the screen and click "about escribe", when the window comes up, click the Evolv logo 7 times it should open a debug menu in "device monitor". you'll see a field labeled "screen disconnect" in the debug area. a normal working screen will be at 0, a loose screen connection or damaged ribbon cable will have an increasing number. it's possible the fire button of your mod is pinching the screen's ribbon cable damaging it.

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