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New member...DNA 200 for low price?


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Yo! New member here but have followed forums for awhile. I currently have an Alien 220w and almost pulled the trigger on a triade 250 but right before I did, I found the Lavabox DNA 200 for $99 shipped which seems like a steal so I'm not sure which route to go. I also found the triade dna 250 from a local store for $112. Which route would be the best? I purchased the Lavabox cuz it seemed like such a good deal but could return if the triade is the better deal. Which of the 2 is the best by? Can I upgrade the chip in the lavabox to a 250 later if desired? I appreciate the help, as this wI'll be my first dna mod.

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Both are good options. That lavabox at 99 is a steal for sure. Here are some things to consider.


Lipo battery
Smaller design (Most like lighter)
1A charging


3x 18650 (add this in the cost if you need to buy)
Big and heavy but good in the hand
2A charging
High battery efficiency

That lavabox is a really good deal. However if you have the extra cash and want the latest. the triad is a good as well.

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Very good points. I purchased the Lavabox in red before I posted, I just found the triade 250 for a good price after I had already purchased the Lavabox but that's how it goes. My biggest negative with the Lavabox was the lipo. I love external batteries and their convenience. I have plenty 18650s and if I did get the Triade it'd be a str8 at home device. $112.67 shipped from a neighboring state seems a great price. Only seen it close to that cheap coming from China

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