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Lipo for 1590g+


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Hey everyone,

Could anyone recommend a good lipo for an Alpinetech 1590g+ box? i'm tempted with trying a Maxamps 1850mah, but from what I can gather it will be a very, very tight fight and I wouldn't mind (although I of course would prefer not to :D) to sacrifice some mah for a bit roomier fit. I don't mind spending on a battery so I prefer good quality with regards to safety and such.

Thanks very much in advance for any help!

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I used Venom Fly 1300mah 30c 11.1v cause it fits snug but with room on both ends to mount nicely. That's about it. You can try a 1500mah 35c 11.1v marine venom but it was a bit tight for my liking. Be sure to use a XT30 connector and a shorty 510 connector as there is VERY little room with that one.

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