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Glasgow - Rennie Mackintosh/American Horror Theme


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A Charles Rennie Mackintosh/American Horror style theme. A complete theme with plenty of options to suit most people. Included in this theme is a .ecigtheme file, plus a ton of extra screens for profiles and a fully layered photoshop document used to create this theme, you can use various layers along with the full alphanumeric set of layers to create your own screens. Please keep all files in theme together if you intend to share it.


Glasgow DNA 250 Theme copy.jpg   

Glasgow DNA 250 Theme.png

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On 08/01/2018 at 9:56 PM, bajza said:

Can anyone help me? Not sure how to change my font for celsius? I uploaded the theme but while using celsius mode i'd like to have the same font as pictured. Thanks!

You need to use temp mode on your device and setup the temperatures and pictures in the escribe software

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