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Need help with downloading and uploading theme on escribe

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Iv been having problem from the start so idk where I'm going wrong so if someone can tell me step by step how you did it quick and easy . From downloading ones of the many themes people share and uploading it to escribe

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I Am pretty much a newb to this but it worked out ok for me. I have a DNA 250.
1) I downloaded escribe from website and installed it
2) I pluged in box and renamed it. from start screen
3) I used screen tab to bring up my current screen.
4) I looked for images I wanted on google. saved to computer, opened with paint and resized them to fit.
5) selected load on screen I wanted and uploaded from computer. some times I had to go back to paint to tweak photo a little then reuploaded.
6) then use upload to device button and your done.

hope that helped

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