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  1. Bro, can you give me a wiring diagram, photos, and tutorial for DNA250 with Dual 18650 of your built .. ?
  2. the problem that you facing is already fix? And how thick the cable that you use for this modification? Thanks ...
  3. Hello everyone, I'm newbie in this forum so just straight to the point ... I have facing problems with my VTBOX250 battery that originally using 3s Li-Po, and I already change my batteries twice. The 3s Li-Po batteries that fit in to the VTBOX250 case is hard to find and not cheap in my country. Is it possible to change the type of the batteries VTBOX250 3s Li-Po to Dual 18650? and what your recommendation battery for this mod? Does any one of you guys already do this project? or do you have websites link or video tutorial for this? Does any one of you have a wiring diagram to help me in this modification? I hope any one can answer and give me a guide for this project ... Thank you ... cheersss
  4. Hello brother, I want to change my VTBOX250 battery from 3s Li-Po to dual 18650. Does this diagram that you attach can work on my modification? And does the problem that you facing is already solve? Thanks ...
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