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  1. yeah, ill send it therion community truted service place in here, thanks for the info about the error yeah i tought so, ill send the mod to be repaired, hope didnt find any error
  2. yeah, i bought it for a cheap price for only $18 should it be normal again after repairing the battery management chip ? yeah ill not use it for now, i tought it can only be repaired for only reset the escribe, but i was wrong, im to happy to see a dna mod sell for only $18 hahaha thanks for the advice
  3. hi everyone, i just bought a therion 166 with dna 250 but the device had a empty battery indicator, i've tried restore to default the device, but i had a problem that the device wont turn on unless it had an usb power, so i put the battery setting to power supply mode, and the device can firing but the battery indicator still empty, what should i do next, is this sign of a dead chip or somthin else, some of my friend from therion dna indonesia said that this happend bcause my battery IC is dead, and i notice on device manager, the number 1 battery voltage is low not like the second 2, ive tried swap and still the same that the number 1 battery low voltage
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