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  1. It was normal threads from what I remember! It might not have been though, I remember for sure it was actually a hollow screw that threads onto that little gold post / pin I mentioned.
  2. OK so I opened up my Kylin, and did a full rebuild. I noticed a couple of things. 1) There was a spring missing from one of the screw in posts that clamps the mesh. There was a spare in the box, so I've added that. It didn't seem to fix it though. 2) The central screw pin just undoes the ceramic cotton pusher upper. Underneath it is a pin that I assume attaches to the 510 on the bottom of the mod. It seems to spin in sync with the build deck. 3) I noticed that one of the clamp / posts was black and asymmetrical to the other one. It looked like it had a bit of metal shaved out of it honestly, it just doesn't look right. I ended up swapping the posts round, and actually got stable resistance! So as of right now I am vaping on it. I have had it die on me once (resistance dropped from 0.21 to 0.19) randomly. Probably because of the extra resistance from priming the coil with juice (?) dropping off? Takes a bit to bed into the "final" resistance maybe. I still think my atomizer is busted, I'll probably buy another Kylin, I still love it and it hasn't given me a bad vape (it always works on my Vandy Vape Swell, in TC no less). No idea how a chunk is missing from the post, and no idea why swapping the posts (temporarily?) "fixed" it.
  3. I hope so! I'm not sure how it's put together fully, I just hope it's not completely press fit so it's not easy to tighten (if that's what it is).
  4. Thanks, I really like the build deck on the Kylin. I actually really like everything about it, that's why I was pretty quick to start giving up on the Odin. If I can't use my Kylin it's no good to me! I actually use OFRF Nexmesh ones, not the Kylin own brand ones. If I can't fix my Kylin I imagine I'll just buy another. Obviously it has a resistance issue, I just don't know how serious it is, if it's fixable, is it a problem with the tank itself and if I buy another will it happen again.
  5. The screw in the middle of the build deck I think is just for the piece that pushes up against the cotton to keep it on the mesh. I'll certainly try it though, I only just rebuilt again though so it probably won't be today! Need a bit of a break... Thanks for the help though, I think it's probably my atomizer causing most of the problems, then maybe just a few kinks to work out on the Odin.
  6. I have a Kylin mesh RTA, one of the few that can't be tightened. The pin is completely flat. The coils I'm running in it should be 0.15ohms, but they start at between 0.2 and 0.3, so something is obviously wrong with it to some degree. It's weird though how it works mostly fine on all my other mods, even if it's a bit dodgy.
  7. It is properly clamped, I think my atomizer is just broken. Though it works just fine with my other mods, it's only the Odin that it won't work with. I understand the DNA might be more strict though with dodgy atomizers and coils so maybe that's why? Trying out the .580 at/coil does work, though I still have a few issues. It does seem to read better though, I can at least get it to hit. I don't use that old att though, so I'd essentially have to get another mesh RTA to make the Odin work.
  8. I understand, thank you for your help anyway, I'll just return it to the store.
  9. That's what I mean, in Wattage mode and Replay mode it won't let me replay. Maybe 40W. When I saw it the peak went off the scale in one sharp line, almost like it was a mistake.
  10. OK, I tried a different atomizer, and after a lot of messing around I got something that works with the different one. I think it might be a bad combination of the device and my atomizer being broken. Issues I still have are "replay" mode not offering me the chance to replay in any of the settings. Sorry, I don't know what you mean by that.
  11. Also I'm afraid I can't give you a puff analysis, nothing happens on the device monitor, all the lines stay flat.
  12. Sure, a puff analysis under which setting? From what I saw earlier, there is a huge spike suddenly. It's the original theme that came with it.
  13. Using "no use old" does keep the resistance, but then it still doesn't fire (it says temp protect). Also now I tried to lock the resistance using Escribe, and the temperature has vanished from the SS316 profile (it shows nothing).
  14. Hmm ok, thanks. I tried another SS316L and it seemed to have less problems, but still won't fire properly. If I say yes it appears to change it, then immediately asks me again when I try to fire.
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