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  1. I've tried and you're correct... That's strange.. I've even tried on this comment but nope ..🤔 I've been in contact with Vaperz cloud, just waiting to see what they say. Many thanks
  2. I don't know why my vid didn't play... It was just me showing what was going on with the mod. 😔.. as for escibe, it's the latest version. I have had an Odin DNA, so Ive been on it before. The first thing I did was update the package with the latest one from here🙂
  3. But nothing would come up, as it doesn't connect to Escribe?.. or am I wrong?.. I'll check it out tomorrow, as I don't have a laptop or PC at home.
  4. Hey, wonder if anyone can assist. Ive got myself a HoG dna400 (dna250c) it was working perfectly, until one morning, it wouldn't turn on 😔. Thinking it was maybe dead batteries, I changed them, but alas it wasn't to be. I even tried escribe.... Popped up with it saying nothing is connected... Anyone help me please. Don't want to take it apart and lose my warranty. VID_20210720_171320_01_01.mp4
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