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  1. Successful!Now I can change firmware version as I wish!It works!Thank you
  2. Thank you for it's useful information. I'll check it!
  3. Hello again!I installed beta version 1.1 SP45 INT .Can I roll back to a public version SP38 INT?
  4. Oh,thank you very much!It's interesting if that version ever becomes fully?It seems to be many beta versions but no updates yet.
  5. So if it exists a beta version, we should wait for a public version?
  6. Hi!have version 1.1 SP38 INT. Do I have to wait for new versions or updates or it's the last ? Thanks for answers
  7. When it will be updates for dna250c?And if it is any hopes to see version newer than 1.1 SP38 INT?
  8. Thanks. And where can I check edition of my device from box?Maybe it in the serial or any other place?
  9. Hello!I'm new user of Centaurus DNA250C. Please, help me with that. What the difference in US and INT firmware?And what is it right for my device?
  10. Sorry, I'm a new user.Where I can find answer?
  11. Thanks for reply!What the difference in firmwares US and INT edition?
  12. Hello again!My version 1.1 SP38 INT. But how can I check my device is US or INT edition and it's right edition of firmware for my device? And if it is any difference of editions?
  13. Have more one question about that. I heard there are US and INT edition of firmware. Where can I find it? Thanks in advance
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