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  1. Well I opened up the mod and checked if any of the areas around the JST were shorted which they were not, but I reflowed some solder and it has gotten it working. In the battery analyzer it got 1 battery to 4.20 and one to 4.18 before starting to run the test, which I assume is fine.
  2. Thats what I first thought, but I've left it like that for extended periods of time without it moving onto the next steps, the highest the analyzer has charged my batteries is about 4.17-4.18. And on that point, changing the discarge profile to a max of 4.17 wasnt doing anything to help the analyzer start.
  3. Here should be the image of what is happening (hopefully). And thanks for the help, I might tare it appart and take a look soon.
  4. I recently built a DNA250C using dual 20700s but as I run the battery analyzer the USB current keeps fluctuating up and down, without allowing the analyzer to start. I've tried making the max voltage of the batteries 4.17v to force it to start but that hasn't done anything. Is there any ideas about why this is happening? Could I have messed up some soldering at some point?
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