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  1. Thanks so much for the help, my board is reading the batteries and operating just fine except for the screen not working but I'd rather be replacing the screen than thinking the board was doa or I messed something up while soldering.
  2. Thank you, ill give it a try when I get home tonight and post tomorrow.
  3. I did. The only thing I don't have wired is balanced charging but I'm using removable batteries and don't need it. I've hit it with my multimeter and am getting just shy of 8.4v on the contacts of the board. I'm lost on what path to test after that. I tested my sled and everything is fine to the board and I'm also getting 7v out of the board to my external button. Thank you for the advise.
  4. I recently bought a DNA 250c and all supporting parts and built my first self built mod. I'm having the check battery error and the board is not reading my batteries at the correct voltage. I've verified them with my charger and have tried two different sets of batteries. Using two Samsung 40t 21700's.
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