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  1. Thanks guys it worked after i made restore to default 🙏
  2. So the us version makes the chip like any other Chinese chips i got it .. i will see if my device on international or us version and if it’s on international so there’s a problem right?
  3. Yah i will make sure that it international version but there’s a question , why us version not allowed boost features?
  4. Yah i will put that in my consideration and also am gonna restore it to default and try here and there to figure out the problem .. thanks for that I appreciate it .. have a great day 🙏
  5. Thanks i will look at it 🙏
  6. Well i will do it when I arrive home any tips or something to out on my consideration when am on Escripe thanks for help I appreciate it 🙏
  7. Thanks for fast reply I just received the mod 2 days ago and never messing with anything yet is that normal that boost not working as a new device? profile is watt
  8. Thanks guys for comments and I exchanged the mod from the provider 🙏🙏
  9. Good morning fam i have thelema dna 250c and I noticed that boost not working while I press fire to see changes on the screen! But the number on watt not change as it used to be! boost is on and punch on 5 atty is pioneer mtl rta please advice 🙏
  10. Sorry I can’t reach any pc near cuz am at work and am a chef so you know 😅 update : i got ss316l coil 26 round put in pioneer mtl and its works perfectly I just wonder why isn’t work on reload with mixed wire! Will check that and keep updating here thanks for helping appreciate it guys 🙏
  11. It’s already checked and am running it on default theme
  12. Hey everyone .. I just bought thelema dna 250c and i was curious to test replay mode so i got pair of alien triple core 2 of them ss316 wrapped in ss316 36g , on reload rta after I checked every single step dry burn on low watt it gives me 0.24 ohm at first then i let it aside for about 20 minutes then wicked and juiced up , turning to replay mode taking puff and save puff doesn’t appear! i tried different things on escrib like allow on dubious coil , warms set to 2 instead of 5 , doesn’t work! any tips cuz am getting frustrated of this thanks in advance folks 🙏
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