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  1. Thanks for your help. You are a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes. I don't understand the how and why. But they are both working. Maybe the Lost Vape Centaurus didn't like the old Falcon atty? It was really old. With the new Falcon King it is working fine for the moment. I'm going to vape on the Lost Vape Centaurus for today to see if it holds up. And then vape on the Think Vape AUXO tomorrow to see if that is working normally.
  3. I only had both plugged in via USB for a short while and they are working independently now. I tried my old primary Falcon atty on the Lost Vape Centaurus and it said TEMP LOCK or something like that. So, I put on the branch new Falcon King I just got and it is working like a charm. I also took out the batteries for the Think Vape AUXO and put them back in, switched, and it still came back on. I am using quality batteries, H Life. I always charge and discharge them in pairs.
  4. Yes, actually. I plugged in USB the screen came on. So I tried with the Lost Vape Centaurus and that screen came on, too. What on earth does that mean?
  5. No, the first that I ordered from Element Vape that stopped working was the Lost Vape Paranormal, the second that stopped working was the Lost Vape Centaurus.
  6. I just got this in the mail 3 days ago. I just switched batteries and now it won't turn on. This is the 3rd DNA 250c I have ordered from Element Vape and the 3rd time the mod has stopped working. Is the problem me or them? Are they selling knock offs? Do I not understand how to care for a DNA 250c? I never do anything fancy with them. I don't connect to escribe or change any settings. I just use wattage mode and vape. That's it. Anyone have any ideas on why there may be a logical reason this Think Vape AUXO DNA 250c isn't turning on? Any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated
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