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  1. rc68

    TC help

    Thanks for all your help Wayneo, i appreciate it. I will take a look 🙂 So let’s say when i switch now from ss316 profile to replay, it switches to the ‘old’ measured value on replay and doesn’t look to the ohms that was on the ss316 profile?
  2. rc68

    TC help

    Ok man☺️ There is a lot to learn on this chip i think 👍🏼
  3. rc68

    TC help

    Sorry, one last question ☺️ So now i measured the coil after cooling down after dry burning my coil, so without any wick, liquid etc. What if i want to screw another tank on that is already built, wicked and full with liquid? Just screw the new tank on, remeasure and vape?
  4. rc68

    TC help

    I do ☺️
  5. rc68

    TC help

    Thank you for your help and replys. I’m more than happy that it works, as it should. Raised to 475F now and feels better. I’m gonna check how i can do the thermal calibration when i have time, and am on my pc 👍🏼
  6. rc68

    TC help

    That was my next question, indeed the room temp reads low. On my thermostat i see 20.5C or 68/69F. The vape feels a bit on the cooler side, maybe i should raise it a bit, 460/470F? I dunno never vaped in TC before, maybe i had a wrong measurement last week, when 450F felt pretty hot? So the green line is ok, starting @ around 50 watts and cuts the wattage when the temp is reached? Now my mod reads my room temp wrong, can this affect the vape? If so what can i do? Thank again for your help 👍🏼
  7. rc68

    TC help

    @Wayneo Here is a screenshot.
  8. rc68

    TC help

    Hi Wayneo, thank you for your reply. All coils where remeasured at room temp before vaping. I will make a screenshot when i’m on my pc.
  9. Hi all 👋🏼 Last week i got my very first DNA250C mod, and love this thing. Ordered some flaptons ss316l with it to try TC. When i got it, put some fresh batteries in it, build the Kree24 rta with if i remember correctly 5 wraps, 3mm id spaced coil which came around .3 ohm. Turn the device on, and in 316L profile i set it to 425F @ 50Watts. Wow, nice warm flavour. That day everything was fine. The next day, i tried replay which i also liked. Didn’t mess with anything else, and used it about 5 days in replay mode. Few days ago wanted to switch to TC again, measured cold ohms again, set temp to
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