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  1. hello everyone i have custom mod with lipo 14.8V 4s after two yaers my Battery on my custom mod is not working and after tast on EScribe in Theme Designer i found the charging on cell 2 is very very low 0.0007V now after this i want to buy new one same 4s lipo but i have few questions 1.this is ok if my Battery not working after two years ?( i uesd this mod one and half years on my daily but after this i dont used this mod something about 6 Months until yesterday 2.what the most Recommendations Battery ( my Battery 10.5 height on 4.5 cm width this is the max i can
  2. ok thank you sir for all but i know the company of this battery but this battery is almost two years for now ( all the charge is was from pc not from External Charger) this is good for lipo battery ? becuse i dont know if i buy this lipo company again or just buy different one
  3. ok thank you for all what taype of lipo 4s battery recommended ? How do I check if the error is still there ?
  4. ok so hi everyone i have some problam with my divice 250c so i have this custom mod something about almost two years in total now i dont use this mod something about Six months until now ( and one year before this mod work perfect not isusse at all ! ) and after six months i come back to this use this mod and the problem is become to come first at all when i left this mod i have 4% battery before six montes ( i have lipo 4s battery ) now after six months i come is sill have this 4% but now i have error (press up error ) ok so i Update my mod (first time on two y
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