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    1 x Billet Box & 1 x Lost Vape Paranormal

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  1. Ok thanks mate, yeah i was thinking it might be a bit hard to do but had to ask, ill look into it or get someone to maybe ?
  2. Hi, My BB Box DNA 60 screen stopped working ordered a new one and i thought easy fix but stupidly on my part i removed the back panel to give access to the boards screen connector and used the alan key from the middle hole to pull the panel out as its an after market metal panel and was tight and i obviously pushed alan key in too far and kncoked off this chip part? What im wanting to know is this able to be soldered back in place its very small, im thinking probably not and will have to purchase a new DNA 60 board which isnt a problem just more of a challange for me than just replacing the screen and what is this chip for? as obviously my device no longer works. thanks for any help.
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