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  1. yepper just rechecked. everything looks good on the wiring, batteries, battery clips, soldering, all of that. for some reason the board, both of them, are just not right. even on the device itself its reporting only 6.6v total and all sorts of screwed up crap for each individual cells, similar to what escribe is reporting. the only setting changed is some service packs, and changing it from lipo to lithium ion. one mod thought it had 4 cells so changed that to 3, the other one realized it had 3 cells.
  2. yep thats the way i tried for wiring. just hit the beginning and end contact with a meter, 12.2 total, 4.18 on each cell. everything is right. again im having this issue with numerous boards. hell actually i just hit even the pads with the meter and yep 12 something is getting to the chip, so what the fuck is going on here?
  3. so ive been working on a triple 20700 dna 250c for a while now, and while ive got my construction technique down, but for whatever reason no matter how i wire it i always have some sort of battery level issue. even with fully charged new batteries, different batteries, different boards, different wiring paths, i end up with 4% battery and a check battery message. ive tried wiring the taps to the correct battery contacts, and ive also tried the thinkvape method of jumping 2 of the taps off the main wires and using a big solder bridge on the last tab. if you want a video of my wiring let me kno
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