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  1. Warmth value is set at 5 and punch is set at 3. If tried different values without success
  2. Im using badazd coils which has very quick ramp up times. Downgrading the firmware got rid of the problem which is weird. Im mainly using Replay yes so the issue ruin the experience for me as it cant replicate my favourite puff every time. The delay seems to be with the trigger when the screen is off. Here is a sh for you :)
  3. Update: Restore it to system settings and default theme didnt remove the delay completely. There is still a slight lag on my first puff after a short break
  4. Whenever i put a new theme on this device the first puff after a short break ( 5-10 minutes )is delayed by a second or so. I`ve tried messing with the Boost, warmth settings etc without any luck. If i upload the original theme and settings the problem goes away., Anyone have any suggestions here ? Cheers Thuen88