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  1. Thanks, and what you just said is what I'm afraid of. Because its a black mod, I won't be able to see the board as easily, but will do whatever I can to verify it. The settings should be slightluly different on the DNA 60, so hopefully that will be enough.
  2. Thanks. Its funny that you showed the easy side by side....thats what I'm getting swapped to a DNA 60. Its a long convoluted story, but someone I have trusted for years, bought tons of stuff from recently screwed me. I already gave him the mod and paid for him to put in a DNA60 chip. I thought nothing of it until now....then realized there is no USB, and how would I know if its legit. I have a clear easy side by side too, so will definitely compare the screens side by side (lol, no pun). But thinking when I boot up the screen it won't say ambition mods anymore....won't it say evolve or something like that or different?
  3. Thanks. I'll post pics when I get the mod back.
  4. Wondering how to verify the authenticity of a DNA 60 Chip. Mod does not have a USB....which of course means I cannot connect to escribe to see. I've recently been scammed a couple of times, and trying to avoid a third. Sent a mod off to have the stock chip replaced with a DNA 60, want to ensure it is in fact a DNA 60 when i get it back. I have a couple DNA 75s, but relatively new to the DNA world. Appreciate the help.
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