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    Screen stays blank - DNA75

    Hello again. Sorry for my being lost The screen was working properly until last night. "Screen Disconnect" on Device Monitor is on 0. I already have it on "Fading >After Firing to "Activate the Screen"." Should I soft-reboot the device?
  2. IreneGR

    Screen stays blank - DNA75

    No there is no crack. The screen now turns on but not always. After pressing +- buttons or watts go to 0.00 and then up to 17 etc.. I dont know if it is a setting.. am I doing something wrong? Check screenshot below please :-)
  3. Hello I have my FAVORITE Smy Dna75.. Have been using it for 1,5 years .. Well now the screen goes black. I can still fire.. but screen stays black. I downloaded the software. Restore default settings, uploaded to mod. But still same issue. What should I do? I REALLY love this mod... Is it a setting that I cannot find? Can you help me? Thank you!