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    Need help with a odd screen issue

    Yeah I did. I checked it multiple times. Thats why this is so confusing. Everything is how it should be, but still gives me this weird issue.
  2. Okay so i have read up quite a bit on this issue and i cant seam to find anyone with the same issue. Long and short my issuse is that the screen after some time will start to glitch out with every button i press after i replaced my screen. The first issue i had was the screen when white and nothing i did (not even hard reboot) fixed it. So i bought a new screen and carefully installed it. After doing so it worked perfect for about a minute or so. Then out of the blue everytime i pressed a button the screen started to glitch out. With each addition button press it became more glitchy until it white screened. The mod still functions as it should just no visual output from the screen other than it being white. So after this i tried messing with the brighness settings, theme, and even put the newest firmware patch on. But to no avail. Now what I am stuck at is if i want to mess with any settings without hooking it to my pc I have to open and close the battery door several times till the screen functions as it should. But after a minute or two its back to glitch town usa then the white screen. I have however made sure nothing is loose or pinched. So i am very confused. And i was hoping someone could give me some insight. I have included pictures of the glitchy mess. But as of now it is stuck on the lock screen, it still works but nothing visual other than the lock screen display.