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  1. Ohhh, so this way!! Aha.. So I've been told wrong. People would say to inhale some decent puffs so dna obtain the parameters.. Meh, looks like you might be right. I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!
  2. OK so.. It kinda works but the cloud isn't satisfying at all.. I mean, why would I use that replay on 20 watts with no satisfaction at all if I can just enter tc and enjoy it all on let's say 35 watt throttle and have quite satisfyingly cloud meh. It's either I was expecting a "waterfall" or it's completely useless for me Reminds me that flavor control mode on ijoy? I believe.
  3. So I have triade 250c and 3 Samsung 25R batteries. I can't find the discharge profile anywhere. Does anyone have it? / could help with it?
  4. Hi! So I have triade 250c and I'm pretty new to dna. Already have it for 3 days, nade some theme, set everything up etc. Just haven't done thermal n battery calibration yet, don't have time for it atm. The only thing that bothers me is the replay mode. How does it really work as in, how to use it properly? I use ss316L coil, if I remember correctly 28g 8 wraps, rated at .37 ohm. So... I go into replay mode, set the cold ohm value, have some puffs at around 30-40 ohm then save puff and guess what.. Dry hits! If I take a long draw it tastes bleh. Just burnt cotton taste :/ Am I doing something wrong? Tc seems to work perfectly fine. Thanks in advance!
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