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  1. Not been speaking about Replay. Or did you mean Preheat? Its just that a profile with a temp sensing material with temp protect disabled seems to have no way of boost/preheat-functionality. I actually dont care if its a watt boost or a temp based preheat. I just want the possibility to add any kind of ramp up acceleration without having to select a non temp sensing material. The reason for this is that i do use power mode with ss-coils from time to time and still like to be able to observe temp stats.
  2. Nah, the preheat punch also has no effect. ( as it seems to be only a different label for the Preheat temperature)
  3. Ahhhhh спасибо, i did not try if the preheat punch does have an effect( only preheat temperature with preheat power and boost punch), which would be sufficient, gonna implement later
  4. Hey folks, i'm busy creating a custom dna250c theme where profiles of temp sensing materials have the option to disable temp protection to use them in powermode, but still be able to read out coil temperature. already implemented, works as intended. The problem i encountered some hours ago and didn't find any info nor solutions for is the application of boost/preheat-functionality: With the described setup ( temp sensing material and temp protect disabled) the dna250c gives positive feedback, that the coil can preheat. but the preheat settings are obviously not applied, the dna jumps directly to the set coil power. The Can Boost value returns false, checked if the Boost parameters would be applied anyhow -> the dna jumps right to the set coil power. So far it makes me conclude the following: - Having a temp sensing material selected sets the Can Boost Flag to Zero, and therefore makes Boost not applicable - Having a temp sensing material selected sets the Can Preheat Flag to One, but disabling Temp Protect does disable the Preheat functionality. I hoped it would be possible to even have the option to either use Boost or Preheat, but it seems to me that both are not working in that setup. Can anybody confirm my observations or even better disprove them? (And ya i know i could simply make a watt-profile for a Temp Sensing Material and ditch the Temp Read Out or simply set Temp Limit to Max Temp to archieve something similiar, but i hate it when things are theoretically capable of a specific function and the only way to make them practically applicable are workarounds)
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