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  1. Series V,mAh,I + V,mAh,I = 2V,mAh,I Parallel 2V,mAh,I + 2V,mAh,I = 2V,2mAh,2I But then a few things come up that might pose a problem, one is that 2I is above the recommended max input current and the other is that the onboard charger not seeing the correct number of cells
  2. I am doing my second 250c with quad 21700's, I want to install them in Para-series. Looking at the 4s wiring diagram 1 & 3 go to the bottom side of the battery sleds, 4 goes to positive (+) output, and G goes to negative(-) output. How would 2 be wired in? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, Had this same issue. Went into Options - User Interface - Clicked Advance. Went to the Mod tab and then the Battery tab and set Type to 2-cell and uploaded the changes. mine shows and accurate percentage now. Hope this helps
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