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  1. thanks a lot for your time, my search skills are low 😂. the thread confirms your thoughts, i'll try to change the jst and cleanup soldering there. if this doesnt work i'll try to canibalise the board for a connected build tab project, hopefully the board will work in 2s cfg with cell 2 and 3 ...
  2. problem is that i have nothing to clean properly anymore , no pump no braided wire stuff that i dont know how you call this in english (tresse a dessouder in french) .... i'll set this aside for the moment.
  3. thanks for your help, it's the regular efusion with only lipo and screwed in panels. i just unglued the silver twill sticker and cut both corners where the screws are to access the batt. cell 1 and the whole pack for that matters charge okay as long as the cell 1 isnt fully drained. after the 2 spares i originaly bought i actually thought that the cell 1 on the jst was dead .... until i tried a 3rd one recently. and yes its soldered directly on the pcb. i must admit that i dont understand why it would charge and balance correctly if there's a problem with the connector. but im not a lipo expert by any means.
  4. hi, i have an old Efusion that i just remembered about. it worked no problem for maybe 1 or 2 years, then the lipo died... cell 1 at 0 volts. i assumed it was normal so i bought 2 replacement and a charger. shortly after one of the lipos died, cell 1 at 0 again, then the other. i didnt check the stock one but both new had one cell badly swolen. i discarded the mod at this point and forgot about it until some weeks ago. put a new lipo in and it worked.... until i stopped using it for like 2 days and guess what .... cell 1 at 0 volts. i think the repetition means that the lipos are not the issue ... but then what ? anybody experienced this ? any clue ? thanks in advance.