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  1. GoldenCryer101

    Updated default

    Version 1.0.1


    This is just an "updated" version of the default theme. (no pictures, no nuthn') Has everything on screen you need to see (made for my therion 75c) What's "updated": Better battery info on the lock and main screen when in replay mode main screen shows a large resistance indicator if replay is enabled the bottom status on the main screen displays coil temp added a puff counter on main screen in yellow settings button is the small evolv logo just above puff counter Box just below puff counter turns stealth mode on and off Please feel free to leave a suggestion or comment on what could be changed and improved
  2. GoldenCryer101

    head in the clouds

    Beautiful theme added a puff counter to the bottom of the main screen, but other than that this is an amazing theme!