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    Paranormal 250C Puff Counter

    Very new to this--- first post and all. NOT a theme designer or programmer or computer guy. But, I may have a solution What I did... 1 . Load up a theme you like that has room on the screen you want to add the puff count to* 2. Navigate to the puff info screen, right click on the puff count field, copy control 3. Navigate to any field you want to add the puff count to (see note below), right click in an open space, paste 4. Resize the border of the filed to fit and ... done * Note: Make room on any screen by simply deleting controls. For example - I don't care to have ohms displayed on the main field. So, I delete it by right clicking the control and deleting it. This clears up clutter and creates room to add what I want. I don't know how to post screen shots.So... sorry. I have MS and use the mod for medical cannabis in a legal state. I have lousy vision and need big bold letters - all caps, black background, white letters, remove a million things I don't need and keep the screen real simple. I'm using the mod while twitching and and jerking and seeing multiple images. I goofed around with another theme some dude made called "can't read sh^t". He's another old fart with eyes that are shot. I'm a dummy and I figured out how to customize the hell out of that theme in about 1 hour. Don't be afraid to break the mod screwing around with themes. You can ALWAYS just go back to stock and start from scratch. Get in there and goof around. It's not fine China, just made in fine China. - Alex