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  1. I just got replied by forum support, The part number of original switch is KMR641NG ULC LFS Other switch in the series should work fine as well, depend how much force you need, check out here https://www.ckswitches.cn/products/switches/product-details/Tactile/KMR6/ but remeber prefix ULC LFS have different function, you can see the explanation here. https://www.ckswitches.cn/media/1907/kmr6.pdf I guess we must use ULC LFS one. Probably alot of people already know this, but for some new beginner like me still learning this, hope the info can help someone.
  2. I'm pretty sure its one of these. I've send a mail ask for technical support, hope we can get the model name of it. https://www.ckswitches.cn/products/switches/product-details/Tactile/KMR6/
  3. Hi, I am an noob modder, I would like to check the name of switch button of DNA60. Not for the firw button, B3SL-1002P, but those two adjust button. I didnt find any information on internet. Is there anyone know its name?
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