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  1. I have the parinormal dna 250c. I have used the mod all day and it works fine unless I push on the battery door or give it a little bump and then it fires by itself and will not stop unless I unscrew the tank. After unscrewing the tank I can screw it back on and it will work fine again as long as I dont bump it or push on the battery door.
  2. I grabbed my 250c this morning, put my tank on, took a pull and afterwords put it down on the table and it fired automatically. I had to take off the tank to get it to stop. Put tank back on and took another pull and it worked fine. Looked it over and pressed on the battery door and it automatically fired again and would not stop until I took off the tank. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Any time I bump it, not really hard but bump it or press in on the bottom battery tray it fires buy it self and will not stop until i unscrew the tank. If I do not bump it or press on the
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