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  1. Inspector Gadget

    The Lights, the lights! (read: LED when charging)

    Thank you for the response, much appreciated! I'm seriously colourblind but noticed indeed the aforementioned colours, confusing me a bit. Again thank you, very helpful, much obliged!
  2. Inspector Gadget

    Device-monitor - bug with Units?

    Apologies, had to get G00gle Translate; Understood, thank you. That is then a wee bit different versus how eScribe itself works, as you can set the unit of Measurements. I guess the Device Monitor is not using any of those parameters then. Too bad, as I still think it is an omission within the Device Monitor application. Because for some devices that use the DNA Go board, you can not set the unit of measurement within the device itself..
  3. Inspector Gadget

    Device-monitor - bug with Units?

    Hello Fellow DNA-ers, I noticed when using eScribe's Device Monitor (version 2.0 SP19), that even when you have selected the Units to be displayed in Metric system (within eScribe), the "Board Temperature" (parameter all the way down at the bottom of the selectable list) is still displayed in degrees Fahrenheit? Is this a bug or per design? Thanks!
  4. Hello Fellow-DNA-ers, Quite happy with my Orion GO DNA - PSO version. Although it did "die" on me the other day as already outlined on several topics on this great forum. After contacting Evolve Support they advised me to try to keep applying the latest ServerPack (v1.1 INT 38 in my case) and that eventually resolved the issue. Buit back on-topic; Does anybody have any further information about the various colours of the LED when the unit is in standby and being charged? The manual is lacking immensely in that arena, it only states the battery-level when short-firing the button. But when the unit is off, and being charged via USB, the LED does go thru various colours. And even flashes (briefly) a different colour in-between when going thru the various levels of battery-level. What I do have observed so far: Flashes green when nearly charged, solid green once fully charged, and turns off the LED completely after a few minutes when done charging. The flashing of a different colour (briegfly) may be due to the transition from one level of charge (percentage) to another percentage-range, perhaps? Is there any documentation about the various colours of the LED when charging. Other then green=good