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  1. Excellent theme! By far the most convenient and feature-full . Never had an issue until a couple days ago, where I hoped there was a button to turn off the powerbank mode.. But all's well now, mod is working fine, but for some odd reason the LCD is blurry.. like it's lost contrast . Will open it up again and figure out whats wrong.
  2. i'm using this theme, from SirTimmyTimbit - Gauges
  3. I decided to give it another go, and went to buy another cable, Surprisingly your right! it loads right up without the batteries! How odd, even the original lostvape cable didn't work for me. Cheers to that! If only you know how grateful I am for the advice! Spent countless hours troubleshooting, even taking it apart to check for any hardware faults. Odd how the cable was able to update and charge it, suddenly stopped working for that particular mod. Will update here once i've set it all up and test the 'powerbank glitch' again
  4. Battery level is at 7% now, and it's still charging whatever device i plug it into. Tried removing the batteries and connecting it to the PC, however, I think DNA250C chips dont work with the absence of batteries. Unlike the DNA200 lineups I've pretty much exhausted all my options but to deal with it on my own . Local retailer will not honor the warranty since its a 'modded' mod, since I changed the theme, ridiculous.
  5. Hello, Have a 1 week old paranormal 250c, updated to latest escribe, and installed a custom theme. Worked fine for a couple of days, then suddenly I couldn't charge it via USB anymore, couldn't connect it to PC (doesnt get recognized by PC) . Odd thing is it's stuck in 'powerbank' mode, and drains my battery overnight! So now I have to charge my batteries externally and deal with the battery drain! Any idea how to reset to factory defaults, or turn powerbank mode off in the mod? Odd how this is happening, my other 250c paranormal had no issues and it's been a year+ . Contacted evolv support, but apparently they mentioned shipping charges will cost a lot, from Malaysia to the States, and will not bother servicing.