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  1. Jacob send me the sp6.2 version for dna60 big screen and I try it for couple days. I also find the version for small screen in a russian forum. I did't notice any difference either in the simple watts or in the TC mode , but i think that it has worse battery efficiency.
  2. Me too, but I get a notification that 1_2_SP6_2_INT its availiable for small screen
  3. I have the latest version Escribe which should contain the 1_2_SP6_2_INT.sw-service for dna60 small screen, but it doesnt for some reason. 1.I open escribe 2.connect my Iaido Dna60 by Dovpo 3.get the message that a new service pack it availiable 4.when i am going to install it i get an error message that 1_2_SP6_2_INT.sw-service not found i have tried to install it manualy through tools/apply service pack/dna60 small screen but i cant find that file "1_2_SP6_2_INT.sw-service" nowhere in my pc nowhere on the web Can anybody help me please?
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