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  1. I ask because I figure there’s a non zero chance that someone else here is also a member. I noticed I couldn’t contact it around 5pm cst.
  2. Haven’t been able to find a video of any kind. Sort of afraid I’m going to have to make one. I was sent an RMA from evolv, but charges have not been mentioned so I’m a bit worried.
  3. The vtx200 squonk actually uses the dna250C board. So I’ve got the right part. My problem is getting the drone250c apart so I can replace it. That’s the bit I don’t know how to do.
  4. So I broke my screen on my lostvape drone 250c. I have a working screen left over from my failed attempt to repair the broken screen on my vtx200 squonk (screw points in the case were just too fragile to be reassembled) thing is I can’t even figure out how exactly the drone comes apart so replacing the screen becomes difficult. There appear to be screws at the top, but I have no idea if they even hold the thing together and I am reluctant to do exploratory surgery unless I absolutely have to. any advice?
  5. Awesome! I am definitely going to need one. That thing is tiiiiny thankyou
  6. I got it open but I can’t seem to seat the cable or close the door again. The door just pushes the cable out. i got no data sheet. I’m trying to repair a broken screen on a vapecige VTX200 squonk.
  7. What brand/model is it? How do you open and close it?
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