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    Battery will not carge

    Thanks again retird. The total and "since last reset are identical" at 33.9k. Its an Hcigar vt200, are there threads/resources in these forums for replacement batteries/is this something a non tech savy person should even be considering?
  2. bishoptaint

    Battery will not carge

    I wish I knew. I've been digging for my purchase order for two days . If i had to guess I'd say it is about 2.5 years old. Again being new to this, is there a way to see total puff count in the software? I know I had to reinstall the software because I got a new cpu in September.
  3. bishoptaint

    Battery will not carge

    Thank you for the replay retird. Being new to all of this is this a "maybe replace " battery situation and hope I don't waste money on the battery if the device is shot ? By the way, it was working fine two days ago ;(
  4. bishoptaint

    Battery will not carge

    Hi there, have a Hcigar Vt200 and it suddenly has gone dead and wont charge. I'm pretty new to this entire thing so I am sorry if this is a beginner question. Here is a screenshot of my updated firmware