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    Fire button not working

    I would try messing with the device setting first. See if the hit is set to button activation or automatic. If that doesn’t work, then I dunno. I submitted a ticket and they I’ve mailed out my device for repairs/replacement. Sorry you’re having issues as well. It seems they released a post that says a lot of their devices are bunk due to the motherboard.
  2. Hi all, I just received my first Lost Vape DNA go, (rookie to vaping). So I followed the instructions to a T but was unable to get the device working. Anytime I press the "fire" button it does nothing. No lights, no setting no locking/unlocking. If I press the bottom button, (white, blue, red), I can change the setting but still can not get a hit. I downloaded the escripe and went through the setting of the device. If I changed the hit to automatic I was able to use the device hit it through the software but no other way. Still, the fire button does nothing. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!