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  1. rev89

    Paranormal 250C Error

    It's a paranormal 250c. This is the second one I own and I never had this issue with the first one. paranormal250c.ecig edit: I've only really used or changed any settings in profile 6 for this one
  2. rev89

    Paranormal 250C Error

    I updated it yesterday and it was fine all night. But this morning I woke up to the error message again and have gotten it a second time since then. Any other ideas?
  3. rev89

    Paranormal 250C Error

    Thank you sir. Is there any benefit to using the international version instead of US?
  4. Hey All, First time posting here. This is my second Paranormal 250C. I got a second one after I lost my first. I got it the other day and updated the firmware to 1.1 SP35 US as soon as I got it. Ever since, I occasionally get a white screen with red letters saying "Error press up". I was without the mod for a while before getting a new one, so I wanted to know if this is from the firmware or I got a defective mod. Anyone else having this problem?