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    About Orions that stop responding

    I've used two different micro USB cables plus the one they shipped and none can detect my device... Also the device has been charging for over 3 hours and green light will not turn off (still beeps red/autolocks upon firing and power adjustment button no longer works) seems like these are very faulty even tho the [functioning] product was amazing.. am looking to get a refund or FREE fast fix. (For how much this device costs...). otherwise I'm taking back the charge through my bank and reporting them
  2. Drem92

    About Orions that stop responding

    "no compatible USB devices are detected"
  3. Drem92

    About Orions that stop responding

    No it is plugged up to the computer right now with a green/blue light .. Nothing is registering as connected on escribe (can't hard reset) even tho it's charging... And my device just blinks red 4x I don't understand am I being scammed... This literally came in the mail today
  4. Drem92

    About Orions that stop responding

    I just got my Orion DNA go today and accidently flooded it literally out of the box... Got a new pod because the cotton membrane was fucked kept flooding even when I cleared it out.... Now my device blinks red 4x and does nothing upon pressing fire/adjust button... I'm extremely pissed because flooding a pod shouldn't kill the entire mod.. ANY HELP PLEASE? I can't even find anything that says why it would even beep red 4x and do nothing..... This can't be normal