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  1. I downloaded Frank's theme and the problems went away, no issues at all now, the installed file is terrible, very instable ,can't understand why they don't put effort with a better operating system. Nice to have resistance lock so you don't need to keep selecting resistance all the time when you remove and for the tank , puff reset a good bonus
  2. Hi There I am seeing if someone can point me in the right direction. I have a 250c and using MTL tanks, using the standard theme file set up that came with the tank. With a MTL Geekvape Ammit .9 ohm coil SS it works fine on Wattage , but on temperature control i always getting temp protect warning that appears and cut out, 13 watts at 200 degrees Celsius, moving the temperature down i still get the same warning but without much vape, occasionally check atomizer and check battery alarms appear . Now changed to digiflavour Siren 2 which has more slightly more air flow and temp protect appears every 13 puffs, but still getting the check battery and check atomizer alarms. Could it be that the standard file on the device is too sensitive for MTL coils . Also i have selected new coil on device. Sometimes when i remove the tank and refit, it did not recognize that the tank was removed , as i should have got he message did you fit new coil , This has been doing my head in for 12 months. Is there a better CSV file for MTL users in which these warnings do not appear.
  3. Hi Ray Forgive me for a silly question , i cannot find any information for TC settings on the internet and how to adjust it, , i have a Ammit MTL and on TC for stainless steel setting i have the wattage at 20 watts and temperature at 200 degrees Celsius. not much vape comes out but cuts out at over temperature protection warning alarm, heaps of vape comes out on wattage setting , should the wattage be increased to 60 watts and adjust temperature settings from that setting, using a 1 ohm coil, When it is on the SS setting it reads 1 ohm but from other photos on Facebook pages the resistance is much lower. When on SS should the resistance reading be different as compared to wattage setting as it stays the same. The 250c just does wattage and temperature control is this correct , thanks Bud
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