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    I had spurious Temp. Protect messages with the stock theme, and wandering thru the forum, found a topic of how to properly set mod ohms, shorting with big wire. I can say I synced my favorite tank with the mod, in this process I discovered that the central screw on the tank is not tight enough, and it's a little short, can grab two or three threads inside. Before tank repair, I had a temp. protect annoyingly, when I replaced him with the longer one and tighten fairly, I had a temp. protect here and there nothing extreme. And after SP 38 nothing, nada working flawlessly. So checking your contacts, it is a big one. I don't know how to refer on heavy theme\ temp.protect, because I deleted some screens. simplified and personalized the theme as much as possible. Many toggles and other stuff as graf etc. left just for escribe, btw who can see all this on that screen. (no need for big screen stay stealth as much as possible (just my opinion)) In another word Replay and watts is the way to go, and I'm heavy TC user and don't use Reply to much. Maybe I like to play with it a little. So SP 38 INT. EDI. has a green light for me. Opinion after a month or two of using it. Sorry on my Eng it is not my mother tongue, and thanx for the fix\update. Cheers