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  1. Quipu


    I'm not complaining, just report what I found. NETs are known for gunking pretty fast, regardless of the applied power. And that buildup on the coil interferes with temp control somehow. Mod works flawlessly on regular juices, and I apologize for my stupidity, either way, I hope it will help somebody. I'm sorry for your wasted time. The topic should not go in the wrong direction Cheers
  2. Quipu


    Hmmm, I understand this. I put my thought on this thread, a few posts before. I use all available watts for an instant hit when I inhale the vape like with the real cig. Maybe with higher NIC or PG solution, will limit a TC performance with limiting available watts, and vape will become softer. All other stuff like a Punch, Preheat, Warmth etc. is gimmicky in my opinion. I don't mind how many watts mod needs, for the respective build and selected temp. just want to maintain my prefered temp. and to be instant, keep it simple. For battery concern, I believe that we all buy DNA's because of precision and safety. It looks like we all have our way of using the mod, it's just finesses. Maybe I'm not right, but I'm experiencing that in this way. Regards
  3. Quipu


    Just to report that big temp. fluctuation is happening when I vaping my DIY NET e juice. With artificial aromas DNA control temp. much better, like it was. Net gunk much faster, so I hoped that with precise DNA chip, I will have more time between rewicking the coils. Ti graph Regards
  4. Quipu


    OK, after satisfaction with DNA I'm hitting some "problem" with TC on Titanium, it starts to be erratic feel that this morning in the car. Like pulsating, on graphs can be seen, any idea what it is or what is the cause? I clean rewick the coils nothing, then hit two or three temps protect, cleaned the 510 contact nothing, roll back to SP 35 same behavior, Screw up another tank with SS same thing, then changed for a new SS coils and the same thing but less sensitive rattling versus on Ti. On Ti it really feels its erratic to the haven. Unfortunately, don't have the graph with Ti. And this is random, can star on the beginning of firing or at the end of it, or all the time of puff, and not every puff some use to be normal. Any idea? Em, I joined in the DNA TC club 😶?
  5. Quipu


    I tried with a .5 ohm coil exactly .675Ω but with titanium single coil. Without wick dry, blowing. Don't have an SS wire for now. On the other hand, don't know what is the purpose of preheating or punch etc. in TC. You can see when available watts is increased, the graph of temp. curve becomes steeper in time. At 50W even can't reach the desired temp. So just with Watts arrangement in TC mode, can be set how strong, sharp vape will be, and for me as an ex-smoker, I like immediately with no delay like a real cig. Dual Ti coils @ .163Ω With wet wick assembled atomizer same intensity of draws. Nothing from Temp Pro. cutoffs Anyway, maybe somebody will find this helpful. Cheers.
  6. Quipu

    Custom gauge

    Is this way to make the analogue clock png. images for the lock screen? Or, Is it possible at all, like Joyetech analogue clock etc?
  7. Quipu


    Will build some .5 ss316 coil, I'm just curious, will tell what will be. Now I use dual ss316L claptons .16 ohms Try not to limit tight in watts when performing in TC, maybe will help.
  8. Quipu


    This Is a theme I modified a little bit. And on the monitor is no more cut off aka temp-protect, on the beginning of inhaling or middle of inhaling like was to be, random. On the monitor I see temp-protected 13202 times of 13961 puffs, I don't have so many cutoffs for sure, the board maintains the desired temp flawlessly when I changed to SP38 and checked tank connections. Maybe mod hit temp-protect but without cutoff, just maintaining the temp as it should. Firing without inhaling nothin just staying around 207*C until it finishes 10s. Evolv Default Enhanced 250C modified.ecigtheme
  9. Quipu


    Don't have any problems so far, no temp protect. DjJLsb ss316l vaping to 206 *C, allowing max 150w and for 206*C mod uses approx. 70W. So Lanzar maybe your max watts is to low to reach 240*C.
  10. Quipu


    I had spurious Temp. Protect messages with the stock theme, and wandering thru the forum, found a topic of how to properly set mod ohms, shorting with big wire. I can say I synced my favorite tank with the mod, in this process I discovered that the central screw on the tank is not tight enough, and it's a little short, can grab two or three threads inside. Before tank repair, I had a temp. protect annoyingly, when I replaced him with the longer one and tighten fairly, I had a temp. protect here and there nothing extreme. And after SP 38 nothing, nada working flawlessly. So checking your contacts, it is a big one. I don't know how to refer on heavy theme\ temp.protect, because I deleted some screens. simplified and personalized the theme as much as possible. Many toggles and other stuff as graf etc. left just for escribe, btw who can see all this on that screen. (no need for big screen stay stealth as much as possible (just my opinion)) In another word Replay and watts is the way to go, and I'm heavy TC user and don't use Reply to much. Maybe I like to play with it a little. So SP 38 INT. EDI. has a green light for me. Opinion after a month or two of using it. Sorry on my Eng it is not my mother tongue, and thanx for the fix\update. Cheers