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    lost vape orion pods

    sorry, but how many pods have you burnt till you figured it out? How many times have you gone to the comp. to set it rigth? At the beginning I found the change of the seetings on a comp. kind a cool, but now it is just annoying. I know the set up is small. And the flavours are far below the quality on these pods. Out of five pods only 1 of the o.25 was what it is suposed to be. And i read, recommendations of shaking, keeping in the fridge, combing of the cotton.... Unless they fix the pods issues...the Orion is a disappointment...they can put an Intel processor in it, it will not improve the vaping experience.
  2. Dragandeewhy

    Lost Vape Orion "What are all of the maximum settings?"

    thanks...can I assume that the pod was ruined. what annoys me with the pods is that there is no wattage range and with the best watt range like with coils. Since you can adjust wattage like on a mod this modpod should have the same thing for their pods.
  3. Dragandeewhy

    Lost Vape Orion "What are all of the maximum settings?"

    Ok ..but what will happen if I set 30watts. will the pods be able to take it?
  4. Dragandeewhy

    lost vape orion pods

    I know, but as far as i know only the orion has the dna go. And it is reasonably to assume that they knew what the compnent of the pod would be. My first pods, the 0.25 and 0.5 lasted a day i managed the to refill them 3 or 4 times and the pods started tasting burnt just after some vaping...same as with coils. I read of peoples mixed experiences with the pods. And my juices are not sweet and I have been vaping for a while. I just hope that my first experience is not going to be a consistent one.
  5. Dragandeewhy

    lost vape orion pods

    thanks...I was hoping that someone from evolve would give a more technical answer. I am a bit dissapointed, that such expensive pod system has low quality pods. What is the point if having the ability to heat up to 40 watts when the pods can not go over 13 watts? I will play with it a bit more, so far the 0.25 is far better than 0.5 for me.
  6. Dragandeewhy

    Replaceable Coil Atomizer Requests

    I do no think that it has to do anything with the replay function I have followed the hype about the falcon..and i find it a big downer with m1 and 2. And If you follow it online you will see less and less praises for the falcon.
  7. Dragandeewhy

    lost vape orion pods

    just got the orion and i did not like the factory settings it is to dry and to cold. I lifted the settings for mtl to 13, 15, 17 watts and warmth to 9. I works wonders for me and I love the DL 0.25. but it burned out after a day. So how high can you actually go with the orion pods?