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    Balancer/Lipo - Charging Only?

    I was going to delete the post as i was so obsessed with charge going in i had a duhhh moment about the ongoing monitoring, but again thanks
  2. Mark W

    Balancer/Lipo - Charging Only?

    funny you should say that, i've just finished an extension so i can monitor all that good stuff all the time thanks anyhoo cheers
  3. I just got a lipo thats balancer won't reach the board. I can charge it by resting it on top of my box and make a balance connection whilst charging. My first successful charge is about to complete. My understanding is the balancer helps keep a check on the cells when charging. But is it ok to pull out the balancer to put the battery back in and use my dna250c 4s. Then just take the back off and put it back in for a safe charge connecting back to balancer. . I won't be vaping whilst charging so it's no big to take the back of to twist the battery just a little to put the balancer back in. So the big question is does the balancer do anything else whilst in use. or is it just used for charging?