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  1. another one ,why i cant use replay in wattage mode. No save puff appeared Thanks
  2. Thanks for your time. Much appreciated. Vape on!
  3. So there is nothing to worry ya. I think maybe its because of theme used. And also whenever i check the atomic analyzer. The value doesnt stop. It changing and changing. Thats my concern
  4. Here details while firing and the profile
  5. Here is my results. anything wrong with it? 1E0390D8-B6D1-43D8-B966-98A9DB497FA7.MOV
  6. my atomizer profile doesnt stay at one value its move from 1.3x to 1.29x to 1.28x .
  7. im using a1 khantal,my ohm jumping while im firing.say before im firing my ohm shows 1.330 while firing for 3 secs it turns to 1.269, 1.267, 1.264, 1.265. after release firing button it comes back to 1.330
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