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  1. Kovacs

    DNA75c discharge probrem.

    Uhm, is that 1.0 SP21.1? Or 2.0 SP21.1? Because I can’t find anything in the forum, site or googling.
  2. Whoever told you that the DNA 75C chip can handle 100w.. I wouldn't take any further advice from this person. Please try to apply logic and common sense on that matter. It is like you're trying to drive a vehicle that absolutely can't go faster than 75, to go 100.
  3. Kovacs

    New DNA user - Poor TC performance

    I'd try some coil with higher resistance, something around 0.30 to 0.60 At 0.11 you need to set higher wattage. This leads to terrible battery life. Also, I think with such a low build, temerature readings are getting more difficult. Someone correct me on that if I'm wrong.
  4. Kovacs

    Replay inaccurate

    From all those 31 coils, were there any plain round wire made from a tc-compatible material, spaced and not spaced? Also, if Replay senses that you're pulling harder than on saved puff, it will decrease power.. to give you your saved puff. Also, if Replay senses that there's still heat on coil, it will decrease power.. to give you your saved puff.