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  1. Beissen

    75c Battery Calibration

    So after reading I see what you mean dwcraig1 and also Wayneo I have a 30q, my setting were off as I now know adjust based on Amp to adjust those settings and it read right as the 30Q is only 15 Amps and I had it set to 30 Max and Discharge at 25 now its reading right.
  2. Beissen

    75c Battery Calibration

    Anyone have a good Power Curve chart that will allow a single 18650 last longer sems mine dies fast and Im at 1.161 ohms at 16.5w on Ni80. I want to have better life.
  3. Beissen

    Escribe won't connect to my 75c mod

    go get a USB Hub 2,0 from best buy a cheap one it will drop the 3.0 to a 2.0 and it will fix it.
  4. Beissen

    Escribe not recognizing mods

    Motherboard dont matter its the USB ports. Now all ports worked with the update and I'm also on international as well and a PC. Try removing all of escribe then re download the international version (Its better anyway) and see if it fixes the problem.
  5. Beissen

    Escribe not recognizing mods

    Its worked now but what i did was buy a USB Hub taking the 3.1 usb back to a 2.0 cheap and easy plugged that in and then plugged the cable to the mod and no issues. Hope that helps.
  6. Beissen

    USB 3.1 Issues and Fix

    They do not all are knowledgeable onnit just have to read the package and its says USB 2.0 It was like 14.99 at best buy where all the hubs are at my best buy it was facing geek squad.
  7. Beissen

    USB 3.1 Issues and Fix

    You can go to best buy or any electronics store.
  8. OK, I had a issue with the New Laptop this for those with a issue later or now that have not figured it out. Its a simple Fix go get a USB 2.0 Adapter it will convert the 3.1 to a 2.0 and then it allows you to read the Mod itself and do everything again.
  9. Beissen

    Escribe not recognizing mods

    Having the same issue, connected day one of new purchase of my Dell, then the next day after the Bios updated wont reconize the mod being plugged in. I tried my other laptop and it works fine.
  10. I got a new Laptop (Dell G7) and Escribe worked the first day and then today went to plug in and its not recognizing my device being plugged in to the PC via USB, I pulled my other laptop out and it works just fine on it. Same cable and all so its not a cable issue. What can I do as this is for a DNA75C? Already- Restarted the PC Uninstalled and reinstalled the Escribe Software
  11. Beissen

    Battery Percentage Help

    I am new to the new Color layout and before this was so easy to do. But how do I get the Battery to displace the % vs a Battery itself?
  12. I am having the same issue on my Therion DNA166.