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  1. Hello from Italy I hope it is the correct forum for this kind of question Recently i decided to try Temperature Control with DNA. Here in Italy we have great tobacco liquids, so 50%PG -50%VG, to use in 18mm drippers like Strike or Speed Revolution if you have ever tried them. The quality of vaping is totally improved by the use of TC (i used Kanthal previously), but i wonder if anyone can give me some advice about a different profile to use. Currently i am using a 6 wrap of Nife48 28ga (somewhere about 0.25-28 ohm), with 19Watt and 250 celsius. i tried also 17Watt and 220 celsius, better with tobacco with a hint of fruit taste. I have the feeling though, that this can improved but i don't know how... any help? thank you very much!